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Explore Webb's Deployments & Commissioning

Click the sequence of images above to explore each step from launch though Webb's first images.

During Webb's launch, ~1,000,000 mile journey to L2, deployment, commissioning and through the release of its first images, this interactive tracked Webb's current state in realtime and mapped out the future steps. Now, you can use it explore the entire process.

Annotations: During deployment and commissioning, in near realtime, each current step was updated and annotated with status information, blog posts, press conferences, related images, articles, videos etc. All of that rich and varied information is retained here for your in-depth exploration.

The WhereIsWebb interactive worked in tandem with the Deployment Explorer to expand in greater detail on Webb's schedule, current state, and current state details including speed and distance tracking the flight to L2, each step of its unprecedented deployment process, the cooldown to operational temperatures near absolute zero, and the major mirror and instrument commissioning steps leading to the release of Webb's first images. It also has a 3d model of Webb showing its location in our 3d solar system.