Make your own model of the the James Webb Space Telescope!


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Make Your Own Model of the Webb Space Telescope!

Sarah's model

Sarah Lily Sponder & her ILab instructor, Innovation Specialist Vicki Spitalnick from Pine Crest School in Boca Raton, FL.

Want to learn more about the James Webb Space Telescope? Build one of our paper models! You can build your own version of Webb, learning the function and purpose of each part of the satellite as you go. We now have a variety of models ranging from our original paper model to some amazing modifications that extend our original in design and/or materials.

Have You Built One? Submit It!

If you've made a model of the James Webb Space Telescope, out of paper or anything else, please send us a photo of yourself with it and we'll post it! We'll need your written permission if you're in the picture, so if you'd like your photo to appear, please fill out this release form and email it to us with your picture (!

Gallery Of Submitted Models

We have a gallery of models submitted by folks of all ages from many different countries: View Our Gallery

Choose a Model to Build

Since posting our paper model, we've had a variety of people modify our model and/or design their own models, paper and otherwise. We've added directions for model modifications, and we also have a gallery of models submitted to us.

Our "Easy to Build" Model: By Jenny Chan at Origami Tree

JWST Basic Paper Model

This model is appropriate for students in 4th - 6th grade. It is easier to build than the models below on this page.

The files you will need for building the model:

HOW TO: Build our "Easy to Build" Model
(video by Jenny Chan at Origami Tree)

Our Original Model: By Nina Heimpel, Swales Aerospace

Original Model: By Nina Heimpel,

This is our original paper model, designed by Nina Heimpel, at Swales Aerospace. Please also note that the design of the spacecraft has changed slightly since this was designed. There is a momentum flap on the back and the solar panel array has changed. The model is approximately 1/80th scale.

The files you will need for building the model:

The John Jogerst Modification

John Jogerst

John Jogerst modified our model/ His version is downloadable as a pdf. Directions and Model Parts. These are the most updated versions of his model directions and parts (8/25/10).

Tom Dani Modification

Tom Dani

Tom Dani sent in photos of his gorgeous model. He says, "My model is similar to John Jogerst's version (and in fact it's based on his) but the assembly was modified and different materials were used during the build, such as copious amounts of aluminum foil and high-gloss, self-adhesive foils. It's also made with a curved, reflective mirror; angled heat shields and custom paint job." He also sent in an upgrade to John Jogerst's version, which will enable others to make the mirror concave. Download the mirror pattern.

Dave Dooling Modification

Dave Dooling

Dave Dooling, the Education Director of the New Mexico Museum of Space History wrote us - he took some of the materials from our models page and developed a different type of model for kids to build. You can view his instructional video here: He says it "helps kids understand how Webb deploys so they understand a bit more of why it is built the way it is. Feel free to reuse materials as you need."