Two views of the same object, the Southern Ring Nebula, are shown side by side. Both feature black backgrounds. Both show the planetary nebula as a misshapen oval that is slightly angled from the top left to the bottom right. At left, the image shows two stars that are almost overlapping at the center. The top left star appears white and the bottom right appears red. A large almost solid white oval surrounds the central stars. It takes up about a quarter of the view. At right, the image shows one star at the center. A large translucent pink-and-red irregular oval surrounds the central stars. This approximately matches the size of what’s shown in the image at left. A lot more extends outward from this region in the right image. It has similar regions that jut out at the bottom left, but there are lots of wavy lines and patterns that extend all around the edges.
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12/08/2022 : NASA’s Webb Indicates Several Stars ‘Stirred Up’ Southern Ring Nebula

Some of the first data from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has shown there were at least two, and possibly three, more unseen stars that crafted the oblong, curvy shapes of the Southern Ring Nebula.

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