Coloring Webb - Coloring Activities
Coloring Webb - Coloring Activities
Webb will not only be scientifically stunning but its design is visually and aesthetically inspiring as well. Learn about the structure of Webb while creating your own masterpiece.


Webb Coloring Activities

Check out these fun Webb Coloring and Art Activities

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Coloring Webb - Coloring Activities

Grab your crayons, colored pencils, or paints and download one of our many coloring templates below to start your masterpiece of the James Webb Space Telescope!

webb coloring template ball aerospace

The James Webb Space Telescope

Our original coloring template. Credit: Ball Aerospace.

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color the universe week 5 template

Color the Universe Featuring Webb

This template is from NASA's Color Your Universe Feature - Week 5 highlighting James Webb Space Telescope.

English - Download Template Espanol - Download Template

page sample from webb fun pad

The Webb FUN PAD!

The Webb Fun Pad is filled with opportunities to draw and color as well as learn many interesting facts about the Webb Mission and related science.

Download - Webb Fun Pad

NSC Webb Coloring Template snapshot

NSC's Fun Space Themed Templates

Download and enjoy NSC's coloring templates which include Webb, rockets, planets, and more! Credit: National Space Center (UK)

NSC's Coloring Templates

NSC Webb Coloring Template snapshot

More Coloring Templates from "Imagine the Universe"

A selection of templates from Imagine the Universe and links to other NASA website's coloring templates.

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Show Off Your Work!

Send us pictures of your coloring brilliance! by email ( or tag us on social media (@NASAWebb on Twitter and Instagram), and we may share them!

Click images to zoom for large version and to view details.

JWSTArt image

#JWSTArt - PUBLIC: by the "Our Sun and Other Stars" Workshop participants. Visit our public art online gallery.

Public Submitted Webb Art

NASA invites you to create James Webb Space Telescope inspired art, and share it with us on #JWSTArt! The gallery below is a selection of all the public submitted art. Click any thumbnail for larger image and details. Submit art directly to our JWST Inspired Flickr Group.

View #jwstArt PUBLIC Gallery

JWSTArt image

#JWSTArt - JURIED: by Ophelia M. Chambliss York, Pennsylvania Visit our #jwstArt JURIED show online gallery.

Juried Webb Art

Twenty two artists were selected nationwide to attend the James Webb Space Telescope Artist Event at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. They sat directly in front of the Webb telescope and were briefed on the mission by scientists, engineers and other project personnel while they worked; sketching, painting, writing, sewing, playing music. This gallery shows their impressions of the Webb Telescope and its mission. For more information, see the press release.

View #jwstArt JURIED Gallery