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Make Your Own Model of the Webb Telescope

Since posting our paper model, we've had a variety of people design their own models, paper and otherwise.

paper model

Our model, designed by Nina Heimpel, Swales Aerospace.

John Jogerst

John Jogerst modified our model - his version (1:48 scale) is downloadable as a pdf. Directions and Model Parts. (This version is dated 8/25/10).

Tom Dani

Tom Dani sent in photos of his gorgeous model. He says, "My model is similar to John Jogerst's version (and in fact it's based on his) but the assembly was modified and different materials were used during the build, such as copious amounts of aluminum foil and high-gloss, self-adhesive foils. It's also made with a curved, reflective mirror; angled heat shields and custom paint job." He also sent in an upgrade to John Jogerst's version, which will enable others to make the mirror concave. Download the mirror pattern. View more pictures...

Stuart Beardow

Stuart Beardow made this amazing model using the reference images on our website. It took him approximately 8 weeks to build and is now on display at the National Space Centre in Leicester, UK. It is 1:30 scale and is made from brass, mylar, foil and acrylic. More pictures...

If you've constructed our model, or one of your own, please send us a photo of yourself with it and we'll post it! We'll need your written permission, so if you'd like your photo to appear, please fill out this release form and email it to us with your picture.

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