arrow pointing to position of Webb
the moon

Current Deployment Step

Where is Webb?

This page tracks Webb on its roughly 1,000,000 mile journey from Earth to entry into its L2 halo orbit as well as showing Webb's most recently completed deployment state. Flight data begins flowing right after launch vehicle separation about 30 minutes after liftoff.

At the top of the page, Webb's flight to L2 is tracked numerically. Below those numbers, is a timeline of DAYS since launch and a thumbnail of Webb's last completed deployment state marking its place in TIME on it's 30 day journey to L2. The lastest completed deployment state is shown on the timeline and is detailed below that, with a larger image and links. And on this page, you can EXPLORE past and upcoming deployments on the way to L2.

Image of the most recently started Deployment State of Webb - described in following text