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Many organizations play a role in the JWST design, construction and in the future collection and distribution of JWST science data.

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Stay tuned! NASA is working with Northrop Grumman at their Space Park facility to show imagery of the James Webb Space Telescope's optical telescope and spacecraft elements.

Webb Spacecraft

Zoom in to see the Webb's subsystems (image credit: STSci) or launch the Webb 3d Model for more detail.


2/2/2018 - OTIS Arrives at Northrop Grumman

The two halves of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope now reside at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in Redondo Beach, California, where they will come together to form the complete observatory. Webb's optical telescope and integrated science instrument module (OTIS) arrived at Northrop Grumman Feb. 2, from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, where it successfully completed cryogenic testing.
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1/28/2018 - OTIS has Left the Building

The Webb science payload (OTIS) has departed the Johnson Space Center cleanroom in preparation for it's journey to Northrop Grumman. Both halves of the observatory will be brought together at Northrop Grumman in California, and the observatory will undergo final testing to verify its launch readiness. (Note: OTIS = OTE + ISIM).
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10/20/17 - Chamber A Unlocked

The door to NASA's James Webb Space Telescope's Chamber A is unlocked after 100 days of cryogenic testing. Webb's OTIS scientists and engineers will continue to analyze results from the testing.
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July 10, 2017 NASA Closes Chamber A Door to Commence Webb Telescope Testing

The vault-like, 40-foot diameter, 40-ton door of NASA's Johnson Space Center's historic Chamber A sealed shut on July 10, 2017, signaling the beginning of about 100 days of cryogenic testing for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope in Houston.
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