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People: Science Working Group

The JWST Science Working Group defines the mission science requirements and provides scientific oversight of the project.

John Mather John Mather, SWG Chair NASA/GSFC Senior Project Scientist
Mark Clampin Mark Clampin NASA/GSFC Observatory Project Scientist
Rene Doyon Rene Doyon University of Montreal CSA Project Scientist
Pierre Ferruit Pierre Ferruit ESA ESA Project Scientist
Kathy Flanagan Kathy Flanagan Space Telescope Science Institute Acting Director STScI
Marijn Franx Marijn Franx Leiden University NIRSpec Science Representative
Jonathan Gardner Jonathan Gardner NASA/GSFC Deputy Senior Project Scientist
Matthew Greenhouse Matthew Greenhouse NASA/GSFC ISIM Project Scientist
Heidi Hammel Heidi Hammel AURA Interdisciplinary Scientist
  Simon Lilly Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Interdisciplinary Scientist
Jonathan Lunine Jonathan Lunine Cornell University Interdisciplinary Scientist
Mark McCaughrean Mark McCaughrean ESA Interdisciplinary Scientist
Matt Mountain Matt Mountain AURA Telescope Scientist
Malcolm Niedner Malcolm Niedner NASA/GSFC Deputy Senior Project Scientist/Technical
Marcia Rieke George Rieke University of Arizona MIRI Science Lead
Marcia Rieke Marcia Rieke University of Arizona NIRCam Principal Investigator
George Sonneborn George Sonneborn NASA/GSFC Operations Project Scientist
Massimo Stiavelli Massimo Stiavelli Space Telescope Science Institute Interdisciplinary Scientist
S&OC Lead Scientist
Rogier Windhorst Rogier Windhorst Arizona State University Interdisciplinary Scientist
Chris Willott Chris Willott Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics NIRISS Science Lead
Gillian Wright Gillian Wright UK Astronomy Technology Centre MIRI European Science Lead

If you would like to contact the Science Working Group, please email: .