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For Scientists

This page and the set of links available from this page are for the use of scientists who would like to learn more about using Webb for their research programs. A detailed description of the science capabilities and instruments on Webb can be found in the Space Science Reviews paper (external link) by Gardner et. al. A brief synopsis of the Webb science themes can be obtained here. White papers written by the JWST Science Working Group can be found here.

For technical information about the status, design and plans for Webb, you can go to and search for “webb" and "jwst”. On that site there are more than 500 technical articles about Webb. (Note there is a fee per article on that site without an institutional subscription.)

These plots and tables illustrate JWST sensitivity and compare to current observatories. The JWST exposure time calculators estimate integration times for given targets.

Visit Space Telescope Science Institute's "Science Corner" with information for scientists.

Here are fact sheets about JWST and various Solar System Observations:

JWST: Observations of Mars [pdf]

JWST: Observations of Titan [pdf]

JWST: Observations of the Giant Planets [pdf]

JWST: Observations of the Solar System [pdf]

JWST: Observations of Rings [pdf]

JWST: Observations of Asteroids and Near Earth Objects [pdf]

The "Webb Update" is a newsletter with updates about Webb. The most recent newsletter as well as archived copies of past newsletters are available in the"Newsletter" section, shown on the menu to your left, under "For Scientists".

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