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Official site of the design, build, test and launch of JWST.


JWST Science overview, future home of science data and images.


Overview of the spacecraft, mission and science of JWST.

JWST related content on the NASA HOME PAGE plus links to NASA’s other great activities and missions.


JWST related Missions.


News, Careers, Locations & more.


Here are some cool features we've found!

  • Behind the Webb - a video podcast from Space Telescope Science Institute.
  • James Webb vs. Hubble, How do they compare? - an interactive version of our comparison of the two telescopes, created by NASA HQ.
  • Webb's Tug of War - an interactive that shows how Webb keeps its orientation in space by the Space Telescope Science Institute.


Please explore the links below to learn more about JWST and infrared astronomy.

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Webb Telescope ( This site, maintained by the Space Telescope Science Institute, allows you to explore the telescope and discover the science concepts of this amazing instrument.

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Cool Cosmos ( Learn more about infrared light, astronomy, and the world around us. Spectacular images, fun games, resources for educators, and more!

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Amazing Space ( A set of Web-based activities from the Space Telescope Science Institute. These are primarily designed for classroom use, but made available for all to enjoy.

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Imagine the Universe ( This site, a service of the Exploration of the Universe Division at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, is intended for students age 14 and up or anyone interested in learning about our universe. It covers such topics as black holes, gamma rays and cosmology and includes the Ask an Astrophysicist service where scientists answer questions from the public.

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StarChild ( Goddard Space Flight Center hosts this learning center for young astronomers (grades K-8) that offers a fun introduction to basic topics of astronomy.